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8) Won’t your domestic spending cuts undermine important investments?

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The Commission’s proposal would maintain important funding for education, infrastructure, and high-value R&D.  In fact, the plan calls for the establishment of a Cut-and-Invest Committee to cut low-priority spending and increase high-priority investments. Reducing spending overall does not mean cutting every single program.

In fact, duplicative programs and other waste are a drain on our budget and leave less room for important investments whether there are restrictions on top line spending or not. Spending caps will force Congress to prioritize and fund those programs that are the most important and efficient – ensuring that the government is using taxpayers’ money in the best way possible.

Leaving our debt to future generations will undermine rather than protect important investments. Growing levels of public debt will crowd out private investment, while increasing interest payments will leave less room for spending on important public investments. If we are forced to act – which we will be eventually if we remain on this unsustainable fiscal path – we will not have a choice and those programs and investments that are the most important to Americans will be jeopardized.