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Al Simpson Appears on The Daily Show and The Today Show

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Simpson Reaches Out to Milennials

In the wake of his wildly popular “Gangnam Style to Fix the Debt” video, Al Simpson appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Wednesday night and the Today show on Thursday. On the Today Show, In addition to explaining how he learned his "Gangnam Style" moves by riding horses in Wyoming, Al also talked about the need for political leaders to move beyond partisanship to reach a bipartisan compromise on a solution to deal with our nation’s debt, the dangers of going over the fiscal cliff, and the importance of Americans, particularly younger voters, to become engaged in demanding a solution through and


The Today Show

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During the interview with Jon Stewart, Simpson discussed the key elements of the Simpson-Bowles plan and why it is receiving renewed attention as a reasonable solution. They also discussed the fiscal cliff and the progress of the current budget negotiations and political climate. Simpson urged the leaders to not "bet the country" on their sides politcal leverage and begin working toward a compromise.  Simpson stayed on for an extended interview, with all three parts available below:

The Daily Show: Part 1


The Daily Show: Part 2


The Daily Show: Part 3


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Dec 6, 2012
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This younger generation has to be engaged and be part of the solution.