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Dec 10 2012
Fiscal Commission joins Chuck Todd on the Daily Rundown, discussing the consequences of the fiscal cliff and the current negotiations.
Dec 3 2012
House speaker John Boehner wrote to President Obama to reject a White House plan to raise tax rates for the wealthiest Americans, suggesting instead a counter-offer that raises Medicare eligibility age. Gwen Ifill talks to Erskine Bowles about his deficit reduction plan and how it differs from current proposals on the table.
Nov 15 2012
Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles appeared on CNBC's Closing Bell to discuss the Fiscal Cliff and why Washington must come together to fix the debt.
Nov 12 2012
One of the co-authors of the Simpson-Bowles deficit-reduction plan, which failed to gain the approval of President Barack Obama in 2010, said now that Obama has won a second term in the White House, the political climate will be friendlier to a debt deal.
Nov 12 2012
With time running out before we reach the 'fiscal cliff', many wonder if our political leaders have what it takes to strike a deal. Former Wyoming senator Alan Simpson is one these people.
Nov 8 2012
Erskine Bowles voiced optimism that congressional leaders and President Barack Obama will be able to use the post-election environment to negotiate a deal to head off a looming fiscal crisis.
Nov 8 2012
Fiscal Commission co-chair and former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles publishes on op-ed in the Washington Post addressing the need for Washington to come together and fix the debt.
Nov 8 2012
Pressure on lawmakers to deal with debt crisis.
Nov 7 2012
Former Wyoming Sen. Alan Simpson (R., Wyo.), who co-chaired the White House’s 2010 deficit-reduction panel, said Democrats and Republicans should pivot quickly from Tuesday’s election and start forging a deficit-reduction deal to avoid sharp spending cuts and tax increases in 2013.
Sep 21 2012
"If our leaders can agree on a plan to fix the debt, then the future of this country is bright."