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Apr 27 2011
Senator Mark Warner said his bipartisan group of six senators working to strike a deal to cut the national debt is considering a plan to slash $3 in federal spending for every $1 of tax revenue it raises.
Apr 26 2011
The effort to shrink the U.S. budget deficit must include changes to the Medicare and Medicaid programs, said Senator Tom Coburn, one of a group of six senators trying to strike a compromise on federal spending cuts.
Apr 26 2011
It's the budgeting equivalent of the old adage about killing two birds with one stone. Congress returns from Easter recess next week facing two urgent fiscal questions: what to do about raising the federal government's borrowing threshold and how to pass a budget for the next fiscal year that honors the fiscal austerity of the current political moment?
Apr 16 2011
Days after President Obama called for forming a bipartisan group in Congress to begin negotiating a $4 trillion debt-reduction package, the parties have not even agreed to its membership. Yet six senators — three Democrats, three Republicans — say they are nearing consensus on just such a plan.
Apr 14 2011
President Barack Obama embraced proposals by leaders of his debt-cutting commission while shunning Republicans’ plan to privatize Medicare and opening a debate over a tax overhaul and spending reductions.
Mar 18 2011
More than 60 senators from both parties are calling on President Obama to lead them in developing a comprehensive plan to rein in record budget deficits, a powerful sign of bipartisan willingness to abandon long-held positions on entitlement spending and taxes.
The Moment of Truth Project Co-Chairs weigh in on Senate tax reform proposal