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May 1 2013
Erskine Bowles calls for replacing the sequester with smart reforms
Apr 25 2013
Simpson-Bowles remains a potent brand to some in Washington, and the two argue their plan provides the building blocks for a “principled compromise.
Apr 19 2013
Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson released the policies behind their new deficit reduction proposal
Apr 19 2013
Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson appeared on Bloomberg TV with Peter Cook to promote their new deficit reduction plan
Apr 18 2013
Ed Lorenzen testifies in support of the chained CPI
Apr 2 2013
A new poll found overwhelming support for the framework of "A Bipartisan Path Forward to Securing America's Future"
Mar 19 2013
The new paper analyzes the budgetary impact of adopting the chained Consumer Price Index (CPI)
Mar 8 2013
Senator Simpson discussed sequestration with the Washington Post's Karen Tumulty.
Mar 8 2013
MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell interviewed Senator Simpson about the likelihood of a grand bargain.