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Recent News Updates:

Jan 9, 2014
Moment of Truth Project Executive Director Ed Lorenzen has published a new op-ed making the case for Social Security reform.
Dec 19, 2013
Erskine Bowles appeared on CNBC's Squawkbox to discuss the Ryan-Murray budget deal, which falls well short of what is needed to fix the debt.
Dec 13, 2013
Kiplinger published an interview with Erskine Bowles about the "Ticking Debt Bomb"
Dec 10, 2013
The Fiscal Commission Co-Chairs released this statement on the budget conference agreement.
Oct 28, 2013
Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson recently published this op-ed in The Hill encouraging Congress to enact a comprehensive debt deal.
Oct 14, 2013
Erskine Bowles was interviewed on CNBC's SquawkBox about the potential fallout from the fiscal quagmire
Oct 9, 2013
Former Senator Kent Conrad argues that a fiscal "Grand Bargain" may be the best way out of the shutdown and debt ceiling stalemate.
Oct 2, 2013
Erskine Bowles explains why lawmakers need to implement smart reforms in entitlement programs, and why it would be "catastrophic" if the government hit the debt ceiling.

Recent Publications:

icon for Op-Ed Op-Ed

In a new op-ed in the LA Times, Bowles and Simpson encourage lawmakers to think big

icon for Other Pubs Other Pubs

Rep. Scott Peters (D-CA) recently introduced the Debt Stabilization Act, which is based on provisions of The Bipartisan Path Forward.

icon for Policy Paper Policy Paper

The National Coalition on Health Care and the Moment of Truth Project have released a new paper analyzing proposed reforms to the Medicare delivery and payment systems.

icon for Policy Paper Policy Paper

Asking Medicare beneficiaries, especially those with greater financial means, to pay more for their care, and modernizing cost sharing rules should be part of any package to control Medicare...

icon for Policy Paper Policy Paper

Eliminating the unjustified increases in spending and reduced revenues from the current inaccurate measure of inflation should be a priority for any comprehensive deficit reduction plan.

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